Have a More Successful Shopping Trip for Less

Hola amigos!

As a shopping addict on a budget, I consider myself an expert in finding a great deal. I’ve come up with a few tips to having a productive shopping trip, especially for those who may not love shopping as much as me. Hopefully, you’ll keep these in mind next time you’re at the mall!


Tip 1: Don’t buy it if you don’t love it

This seems pretty straight forward but it’s something we all do. You love it, but not how it looks on you or you’re just not sure. If you can’t decide PUT IT BACK.  You’ll save the money and if you really love it you can go back and buy it.

Tip 2: Size doesn’t matter, fit does

In this era of the perfect girl being a size zero and insecurities running rampant, this is important. Different stores have different sizing. Especially when shopping at juniors stores. Don’t be upset if you wear a small in one store and a large in another. Everyone has a different body shape and certain styles work on certain people. Be more concerned about how it fits you. Make sure it doesn’t pull any where and if you can move around in it.

Tips 3: Hit the sale sections last

I know it’s hard to pass over the sale sections but try to wait until the end. I find that when I head to the sale section I justify buying things I don’t even like because they’re cheap. That way if you find something full price it won’t seem so daunting compared to the sale piece. It’s better to buy something you love.


Tip 4: Make a list of things you need/want

This may seem pretty straight forward but shopping can be distracting. Especially shopping with time constraints, a list can keep you on track. Another idea is to save pictures of new styles and celebrities, whose styles you envy. This can help you find pieces that you love and wouldn’t usually buy.

Tip 5: Prepare your coupons

It’s surprising how much those little deals can add up and save you a lot. I always find tons in my wallet and in my emails. Check them ahead of time to make time for one day sales. Make sure you check the expiration date though!

Tip 6: Go shopping alone (sometimes)

If you are on a mission to find that perfect piece, you may be better off going alone. That way you can form your own opinions, not swayed by family or friends styles. I absolutely agree that leisurely shopping trips should be spent with friends!

Hope this helped!


Allie xoxo

*All photos taken and edited by me*



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