Printed Pants and Picnics

Hola Amigos!! Thank god it’s spring! With the good weather I headed out for a picnic after picking up some sandwiches from Whole Foods . ( I promise it was sunny, it doesn’t look that way in the photos). It also gave me the opportunity to rock some pretty epic pants from Old Navy. The pattern reminds me of blue and white dishes or baby CDs. I’ve been searching for a pair like this for so long and was surprised to find them at Old Navy. I paired them with more basic pieces, so that they would stand out. If your not daring enough for patterns they also come in basic colors such as black, so they’re a little easier to style. I know I’m gonna use these throughout the spring and even in the summer as a beach cover up.


Pants- Old Navy , T-shirt- Nordstrom Rack, Vest- Levi’s, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Necklace- Lia Sophia


Allie xoxo

(Photos taken by my mom and I, edited by me)


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