San Francisco Travel Diary #6

Hola Amigos!

Sorry this post is a little bit later than all of the others. The last day in San Francisco was pretty chill. We hopped on the tram and stopped whoever we thought looked appealing. Which was mostly food and clothing stops, surprising I know. By dinner time we had reached the Castro, which was adorable. Even though most of the main street were under construction, I could still sense the energetic atmosphere. I felt as though I was on “the tip of the hipster spear”.

Of course the day before my mom and I had hit a giant Old Navy and done some damage, they’ve had amazing stuff this year, so I had to wear some of my newbies. This dress was the second striped dress I bought on this trip but I couldn’t resist. I paired it with a jean jacket (also from another Old Navy shopping spree) and kind of came up with an all american feeling.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this “travel log” and I hope to do more on my future trips!


Dress: Old Navy (different color), Jacket: Old Navy, Shoes: Old Navy, (I know I have a problem), Scarf: Nordstrom  (similar here)

*All photos taken by my mom and I, edited by me*


Allie xoxo


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