Photoshop Project

Hey guys! I recently finished my first semester, which meant tons of final projects. One that I was really excited about was for my photoshop class. We were told to design our own project that consisted of several images that followed any theme. I chose to do a series of fashion photography. However, I didn’t want them to be a typical fashion photos. I wanted them to start conversations not about the clothes but about the other elements. To do this I layered images on top of each other and created imaginary scenes. Ultimately, this is the only information I started with and had no idea what images I was going to use.

I decided to start by taking some of my favorite blog photos and editing them in different ways. Then, I invited my friends over for a photo shoot. This allowed me to create a variety of images from all different times and places. However, when I finished editing i began to see connections between them. Many of them include flowers or San Francisco, and some elude to the same ideas.

Here are a few I thought I would share with you guys. Hope you enjoy!!

Self directed1selfdirected6selfdirected9selfdirected3selfdirected5selfdirected4 copyself directed20


Allie xoxo

*Photos taken by myself, friends, parents, edited by myself*


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