Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 2

Hola amigos!

The second day of Teen Vogue Fashion University was definitely the best. A full day of classes seems short when you actually enjoy what you are learning. My first class was Michelle Phan, a Youtuber turned business owner. Not only was she beautiful and powerful (she got ready in 5 minutes and still looked flawless), she also gave great advice about finding time for yourself during your busy life. Even better, she was interviewed by Amy Astley, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue.


My second class of the day was photographer and stylist Clairborne Swanson Frank. This was probably one of my favorite classes of the day. Every student there was so determined and powerful in their own right that her past and eventual success reminded me that failure is okay. Plus, she is an amazing photographer and I loved seeing her amazing photo books.


My third class of the day was with Kate Davidson Hudson; not the movie star. She runs a magazine called the Editorialist that focuses solely on accessories. What I thought was really cool was that she created an industry that was completely new. The magazine comes out only four times a year, twice in print, twice online. What makes the magazine different is that they work with designers to create pieces straight off the runway and available to the average customer.


After lunch, I went to the Teen Vogue Editor’s Panel. I was really excited for this event because it is my ultimate dream to work at a fashion magazine. The editor-in-chief moderated along with the Beauty editor, Entertainment editor, the Public relations person, and the social media guru. They opened up the whole time period for questions. However, they didn’t call on me. The questions answered really gave us insight in what it is to work at a Fashion magazine, even if you don’t directly work with the style aspect.


Next, I went to another panel, this one with three influential bloggers. This was moderated by Andrew Bevan and included the blogger College Prepster. They talked about how to have a successful blog and how to make the transition from part-time to full-time blogger.


Finally, I attended a class led by Hannah Bronfman. She created the Beautified app and runs HBfit.com. She had great advice about starting your own business based on what your love. Then she broke us up into groups and had us come up with a product to present to her. I was in the fitness group and we came up with a phone accessory that you can wear when you work out that uses your kinetic energy to charge your phone. She loved the idea and I even heard other people talking about it later in the day!


To finish the day we attended a mix and mingle with all of the employees of Teen Vogue. There was food, drinks, and a little pop-up shop. I got to talk to Andrew Bevan again and he even pointed out my and some girl’s matching, baby pink, jackets. Maybe a new spring trend? One of the surprises from Teen Vogue was an exhibit based on the new Cinderella movie, including an original Zac Posen dress!




Skirt: Topshop (similar here), Shirt: Forever 21 (Similar here) Jacket: Forever 21, Boots: DSW (similar here)

*Pictures taken by myself and friends, edited by me*


Allie xoxo


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