Teen Vogue Fashion University Day 3

Hola amigos! The third day of Teen Vogue was both an exciting and sad day. My only seminar was with Erika Bearman or the PR girl for Oscar de La Renta. She was beautiful and amazing. She talked about how she got to where she is now. The seminar took a sad turn when she told us about Oscar’s death in October. But on a happier note she really inspired us with her advice to be yourself.



Finally, we were given our diplomas and free to go. It was kind of disappointing because I had hoped that there would have been some kind of ceremony. However, I had a great weekend so I wasn’t too upset.

This weekend was incredible and it doesn’t even feel real. I worked so hard to get here that it feels almost too satisfying that it happened. I have never completed a goal this big that I’m not really sure to act now. I’m still processing the fact that it happened, but I’ll keep you updated. I will definitely post about what I learned this weekend!


Allie xoxo

p.s sorry I didn’t get any good outfit pictures

*Photos taken by me, edited by me*


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