Chicago Day 4

Hola Amigos!

Today was our final day in the beautiful Chicago. I’m so sad to leave Chicago but I’m so happy that I was able to come here. I have always wanted to travel here. It’s exciting to think that I could be spending the next fours years here!

I decided to wear some of the pieces I picked up in Chicago on my trip. As the shopaholic that I am, I had to of course stop into some of my favorite stores from home along with some new boutiques and such. Some people may think that it’s pointless to shop at the same places that you have at home but I disagree. If you like that store shop there! It’s all about the memory surrounding it. I always remember that I grabbed these jeans and this top on my amazing trip to Chicago, who cares whether I could have gotten them at home.


Shirt: Tj Maxx (similar here), Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Converse, Bracelets: Alex and Ani and Pandora, Purse: Coach (similar here)

*Photos taken by my mom, edited by myself*


Allie xoxo

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