Chicago Day 4

Hola Amigos! Today was our final day in the beautiful Chicago. I’m so sad to leave Chicago but I’m so happy that I was able to come here. I have always wanted to travel here. It’s exciting to think that I could be spending the next fours years here! I decided to wear some of […]

Fake Romper?

Hola Amigos! Rompers are a huge trend for the summer. However, being so tall I find it hard to find rompers that are long enough and fit my body. Today I stumbled upon a solution to my problem. I matched a black sheer tank top with these casual scalloped shorts. The colors and fabrics matched […]

Easy Summer Outfit

Hola Amigos! Whoops once again I’ve neglected my blog…. sometimes life just gets in the way. But now that it’s summer I’m ready to post more regularly. Today’s outfit is one I find myself wearing more than not on hot summer days. I start with comfy lace shorts and pair them with a striped tee. I […]

Photoshop Project

Hey guys! I recently finished my first semester, which meant tons of final projects. One that I was really excited about was for my photoshop class. We were told to design our own project that consisted of several images that followed any theme. I chose to do a series of fashion photography. However, I didn’t […]

Beyoncé Style Steal

Hola Amigos! If you were not already aware, Beyoncé is, and will forever be, Queen of the World. If I wasn’t already in love with her, I saw her in concert this summer. As I am still recovering from my Beyoncé whirlwind, I have been loving her street style. She makes heels look as easy […]


Hola Amigos! With fall just around the corner, the weather can be a little unpredictable here. One day it’s 90 and I’m getting a sunburn and the next it’s rainy and cool enough I can wear jeans. Today, it started off cool so I threw on this leather jacket, that I wear too much, over […]

Lacey Polka Dots

Hola Amigos! Even though I may be a little behind the trend of print mixing, lately I have been loving pairing lace and crocheted tops with other bolder pieces. I use to always pair lace tops with jean or colored shorts, because it was easy yet cute. However, that easily gets boring so I spiced […]

Striped Maxi

Hola Amigos! While in San Fran I bought this adorable striped maxi, even though it’s not really a true maxi on me.  I had been looking for a maxi that buttoned down the front and when I found this one on the sale rack I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s a little low in […]

San Francisco Travel Diary #6

Hola Amigos! Sorry this post is a little bit later than all of the others. The last day in San Francisco was pretty chill. We hopped on the tram and stopped whoever we thought looked appealing. Which was mostly food and clothing stops, surprising I know. By dinner time we had reached the Castro, which […]