Chevron for Days

    Hola Amigos! As many of you might know chevron is at it’s peak right now. I’m in love with it, like everyone else, but it can be hard to style without going over board. I found this adorable crop top at Marshall’s and just couldn’t resist. I styled it with basic pieces to […]

Festival Inspiration

Hola amigos! As summer approaches, many of us will be attending outdoor summer concerts or festivals. A.K.A. a hot spot for amazing boho style. The struggle to find an outfit that will accommodate the sweltering weather and be cute, is very real . Here are my tips for fighting this struggle, some of my favorite […]

Printed Pants and Picnics

Hola Amigos!! Thank god it’s spring! With the good weather I headed out for a picnic after picking up some sandwiches from Whole Foods . ( I promise it was sunny, it doesn’t look that way in the photos). It also gave me the opportunity to rock some pretty epic pants from Old Navy. The […]

It’s All About the Back

Hola Amigos! It seems like the latest trend has been designs sporting details in the back. From bow, to cutouts, to zippers the back is having it’s time in the spotlight. The trend began with delicate buttons and lace down the back of wedding dresses then quickly progressed to cutouts in an array of shapes […]

Two Ways to Wear a Plaid Skirt

Hola amigos! So sorry for being gone for so long, but once again school took over my life. So this weekend I went shopping (surprise, surprise) and noticed a lot of cute plaid skirts. I stopped in Brandy Melville, which I usually love, and found an adorbs green plaid skirt. But that skirt was made […]

Paris Street Style

Hola Amigos! It’s no shocker that I have been coveting a shopping spree in a parisian woman’s closet, doesn’t everyone? For me it’s not ┬áthe classic designers based in Paris but more the amazing style of the people that live there. I pour over the pictures of the people attending Paris Fashion Week. What I […]

Two Ways to Wear a Flannel

Hola! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post recently I’ve been piled up with school work, ugh. But I managed to take a few photos of a piece I have been wearing a ton lately! I’m a little late getting on the flannel train but now I’m obsessed. A couple of weeks ago I popped […]

Style Steal: Miranda Kerr

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I thought I’d do another style steal from someone who has been really inspiring my style lately… Miranda Kerr! What I love about her style is that it is basic pieces styled in unique ways. Most of these outfits were kind of summery, so I added some fall pieces to warm […]

Falling in Love with Fall

Happy Thursday! This weekend was soo gorgeous so my friend Arianna and I went outside and played in the leaves. We also snapped some pics of our outfits! Both of us went with leggings and moto jacket so this is kind of a how to style them. Enjoy! My Outfit: Leggings- Tilly’s Tank- Brand: Maza […]

My Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Hey! With fall just around the corner I decided to share my fall essentials. These aren’t necessarily the hottest trends right now, they are just what I’ve been liking. Hope you guys enjoy and can get some inspiration for your fall wardrobe! 1. Hair Bows My obsession with bows began after I bought one in […]